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What is BIM in Sinple? | Where we can use BIM?

What is BIM ? BIM (Building information modelling) is one type of Process/technique /Methodology. BIM can help I the managing the physical and functional characteristic in digital form. BIM provide hassle free information sharing. Use of BIM goes beyond the planning and design phase of project.
  First time this concept use in 1970s. One paper came in mid -1980s the name of ‘Building Model’. Today this known as BIM (Building information Modelling). In the starting of 21st century, Autodesk, Bentley System and Graphisoft observe the importance of BIM and started hosting support for customer.

BIM is not a Tool ? BIM is not a simple tool what you are looking in the image. BIM goes beyond the planning and design phase of project.This image is telling everything, no need to explain it more.

BIM is not a software? In the industry some people thinking that BIM is the software. That’s not completely true because BIM not a software. BIM is the process or technique or methodology. Some software we ca…